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Is there any way via a MySQL query to get the locked tables? I have a C# threading application running and there are bunch of tables getting locked in the app.

I need to see the locked tables and analyze the code that could be locking it.

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An check whether the column In_use is greater than 0. In that case, the table is locked.


  • List of locked tables:

    show open tables WHERE In_use > 0

  • Check whether the table tb_employees is locked or not:

    show open tables WHERE Table LIKE 'tb_employees' AND In_use > 0

From the official documentation:


The number of table locks or lock requests there are for the table. For example, if one client acquires a lock for a table using LOCK TABLE t1 WRITE, In_use will be 1. If another client issues LOCK TABLE t1 WRITE while the table remains locked, the client will block waiting for the lock, but the lock request causes In_use to be 2. If the count is zero, the table is open but not currently being used. In_use is also increased by the HANDLER ... OPEN statement and decreased by HANDLER ... CLOSE.

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Thanks cristian, looks perfect. – Sharpeye500 Jul 12 '10 at 17:52

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