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Wondering how to get the EC/IO value on the Android Nexus One phone.

Actual methods given by Android class android.telephony.SignalStrength are:

/* Get the CDMA Ec/Io value in dB*10  */
int  getCdmaEcio() 

/* Get the EVDO Ec/Io value in dB*10  */
int  getEvdoEcio() 

The problem is: I am on an UMTS / WCDMA Network, so, there is no way for me to actual get the value.

Any updates from Android? Or workaround?

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cdma is diffrent from wcdma/umts. suggest to use GSM or HSUPA .

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Did you checked this?

I never try this by myself but someone told me that in Android world, GSM might actually mean UMTS. For example, you use "CDMA" stack for Verizon phone and "GSM" stack for ATT phone.

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GSM does actually mean UMTS, as well as W-CDMA and all other standards that uses SIM card –  ognian Jul 12 '10 at 18:20
Maybe I'm not getting the point here, but what method should I use then. There is no getGSMEcio(), only Evdo and CDMA... Thanks –  Philippe Girard Jul 13 '10 at 16:18
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