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I am relatively new to WPF and I have an issue with Adorners.

I have an inkcanvas that contains an image, I can save the image with the strokes added by the user. The issue I have is that I have a requirement that allows the user to add text over the image, and to print/save the text without damaging th image.

I used an adorner to put text over the inkcanvas, and it looks fine on screen, but I am at a loss to save the text, or print the image with the text.

Any help would be appreciated

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Josh Smith had provided two great articles towards Image Annotations. I think this is something you've been looking for:

CodeProject: Annotating an Image in WPF

Josh Smith blog: Annotating an Image in a Viewbox

This article will give you a brief overview of Annotation Framework in WPF and the ways annotations can be persisted.

Hope that helps.

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