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I am trying to make a conditional colorization in Excel 2007.
Let me explain in more detail.
If a user writes some desired words (e.g: Alper) in A1 cell there is not problem, but if user write another word (not Alper) then I want to colorize A1 cell as red (as warning).
And i want to do that for all A columns (A1,A2,......AN).
It can be via Script if it'll be valid for all A... columns.

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Select the A column by clicking on the header. Then click the Conditional Formatting button on the ribbon and go to New Rule. Choose the option Format only cells that contain. You should be able to figure out the options from that point.

This might not sound much like a programming question, but I've found Excel to be fantastic for doing quick and dirty tasks that you thought might require a program.

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