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Is there a jQuery sample application where I can look for best practices like:

  • XMLHttpRequest retries in case of network problems
  • XMLHttpRequest login
  • XMLHttpRequest element loading indicator
  • XMLHttpRequest history handling


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I can't find 1 application that provides code where all this is done, but it is all stuff that could be handled pretty easily.

XMLHttpRequest retries in case of network problems

A login is actually pretty basic.... Just create a php page that accepts the username/pass and handles the login.

XMLHttpRequest element loading indicator Do you want to show an animated image while loading? If so, then you want to

  1. Show Loading Gif
  2. Preform Ajax request
  3. Add ajax data return to page
  4. Remove/hide loading image
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Not exactly an application, but 'jQuery: Novice to Ninja' book is free today, it is suppose to go over those kinds of things.

I hope I am not breaking any ruse by posting that, I am in no way associated with it, I just came across it a little while ago.

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