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Back Arrow Broken In XCode?

Is there keyboard command to go back/forward one file at a time.

XCode 3.2 changed the behavior of Cmd-Opt <-- and -->. As noted in another question, they do not operate on a file level like in previous versions of XCode, but on an "edit point", making it cumbersome to flip through a list of files (the quick way to do it, since XCode does not support Tabs, as in Eclipse).

Rob Keniger found a partial solution that he noted in another post:

"Hold down the option key while you click the forward/backward arrows ..."

But this requires fiddling with the mouse. Is there any way to do it with the keyboard only?

(Another user noted that pressing Shift in combination works -- but that does not work in v3.2.)

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Beginning in XCode 3.2.3, the following key sequence works:

Cmd + Option + Shift +

Without the Shift key, it just goes back to the previous cursor position. Adding Shift jumps to the previous file (next file, in combination with ).

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In XCode 4.4 the following sequence works:

Cmd + Ctrl +

and it operates on a file level.

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Nice - it even works in XCode 5. –  Brent Foust Apr 25 '14 at 20:02
and in Xcode 6 as well –  vir us Oct 26 '14 at 13:37
Cmd+Ctrl+(right arrow) also works. These are called "Go Back" and "Go Forward" in the Key Bindings section in case you want to remap them. –  altruic Dec 10 '14 at 3:46
You have no idea how much time this is gonna save me! i already use Cmd+Ctrl+up to switch between .h and .m –  pnizzle Feb 5 at 0:01
And it even works in ... wait for it ... Xcode 7! –  stevo.mit Jul 30 at 12:11

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