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I set up a new project on Google Code and have set Mercurial as my Source Control.

I did an hg clone <url> just like the Checkout page states and got a copy of this repository locally. At the moment, it's still empty.

Now I added some files in this folder and tried committing them with: hg com -m "Initial Commit" but I am always getting back nothing changed.

So I check the status with hg status and get:

? file1
? file2

So Mercurial knows that these files should be added but I am still getting nothing changed when trying to commit. Obviously this happens when trying to push as well but I guess that's because I haven't been able to commit yet.

Has anyone encountered this problem ?

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The problem was that I was forgetting about add.

So now after I cloned, I did a hg add and then an hg com -m "Initial Commit" and it worked.

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Yeah. You could have done a hg commit --addremove -m "initial commit" to do it all in one command, but it's better as two -- that way you see what's added explicitly before committing. –  Ry4an Jul 13 '10 at 2:24

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