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I just activated the themes in my Windows XP (usually I work using the classic Win9x look) and I have seen that two panels are pure black. Other panels are ok (color = clBtnFace). What these 2 panels have in common is their parent. Both are placed directly on a TForm. If I move them to a different parent (another panel for example) the have the appropriate color.

Delphi 7, win xp pro

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Make sure the panels do not have ParentColor=false and Color=clBlack assigned to them, and that ParentBackground=true is assigned.

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No. The properties are fine. – FrostyFrog Jul 16 '10 at 19:52
Actually, when working on themed systems, parentcolor gets reset on form creation. You have to put that property back in a FormCreate method to clean up the problem. – Erik Knowles May 15 '13 at 19:29
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This is another grandiose Delphi bug. I started do delete stuff from my project and recompile the project. After one hour I finally went to the main form. I deleted the XPManifest control and now, magically, the program works.

The new issue (XPMan) is discussed here:

Edit: Removing the XPMan is not enough. You will have to delete also the RES files. For large applications it may take a while to manually reconstruct that file. Maybe it works to big into that file and manually remove the resources added by XPMan.

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