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Does anyone know if it's somehow possible to setup an alias for an ActiveRecord table join?

Something like:

User.find(:all, :alias => "Users as u", :joins => "Friends as f", :select => ",")

Any ideas?

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Yes, but you need to include the 'ON' statement and the join statement if you overwrite the join.

User.find(:all, :joins => " as u INNER JOIN Friends as f ON f.user_id =", :select => ",")

or in Rails 3+

User.joins("as u INNER JOIN Friends as f on f.user_id =")
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Is it just me or is this a hack? – MoMolog Dec 10 '13 at 10:34
To an extent, yes it is. But generally when you start to override the assumed behavior, it is a hack. I believe there is some arel available now that would make this a little bit less hackish. But as far as I am aware, this is still the easiest way to do complex joins while maintaining the ORM functionality. Mind you, I haven't been doing a great deal of rails dev in the last year so I could have missed something in later releases. – Geoff Lanotte Dec 10 '13 at 13:55

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