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I'm trying to make a BEA Portal website XHTML compliant, because this has been written in the contract with the client, and I'm stuck on this problem: BEA renders <meta> and <link> tags without the closing slash, i.e. <link/> and <meta/> as it is required by XHTML.

When I look at the documentation from BEA it seems that it should be possible to make it render the tags with a closing slash: The skin.properties file (edocs.bea.com).

Is it possible to change the redering with a configuration directive? Or perhaps, to hook into the underlying redering method so that I can fix it?

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Try a tag-rewriting filter implemented either as a rewrite rule in a reverse proxy or as a filter servlet. Wouldn't suggest looking for the answer in the portal itself...

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For software that doesn't use XML serializer, XHTML is pointless (see numerous other questions on SO about XHTML).

If you want to make page more standards-compliant, I suggest aiming for HTML4.01 Strict or HTML5 (with CSS for layout of course – it's not XHTML-specific thing).

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I totally agree that there is no point in choosing XHTML over HTML. Unfortunately, I'm not the one making this decision. =) –  Jan Aagaard Nov 27 '08 at 10:57

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