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I couldn't find a documented API that yields this information.

A friend suggested I use NtQuerySystemInformation. After looking it up, the information is there (see SYSTEM_THREAD ) but it is undocumented, and not very elegant - I get the information for all threads in the system.

Do you know of a more elegant, preferably documented API to do this?

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I posted a working class here: stackoverflow.com/questions/22949725/… –  Elmue Apr 8 '14 at 23:19

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NtQuerySystemInformation is totally documented and the best method. The other answer is completely off topic

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NtQuerySystemInformation is documented but the structures it returns are sometimes not. –  dalle Dec 2 '08 at 8:17

There is no other way than using NtQuerySystemInformation. However it could be less complicated, that's true, but Microsoft lacks an implementation.

I posted a working class here that is very elegant to use:

How to get thread state (e.g. suspended), memory + CPU usage, start time, priority, etc

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