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A friend of mine asked me today if there is any open-source or commercially available Webmail/Email "engine". When I asked her what she meant by engine, I got a list of features her boss asked for -

  • Web interface to login & access e-mails
  • Ability to send/receive/forward e-mails using the web interface
  • Ability to compose and save drafts using the web interface
  • Ability to delete emails, empty deleted items folder using the web interface
  • Ability to search e-mails (by Sender's e-mail, Subject, Content)
  • Maintain and manage a contacts list (of e-mail addresses) using the web interface
  • Allow users to synchronise their e-mails with iPhone/Windows Mobile smartphones

I found SharpWebMail to have some of the features, although it has not had updates in recent times, last update was in April 2006. I am inclined towards using ASP.NET, the proposal is to primarily use the e-mail in conjunction with an intranet (developed in ASP.NET). If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


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I'd use gmail apps for the web portion: http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/index.html

Excellent web interface, and you can have addresses of the form user.name@yourdomain.com (not just @gmail.com)

It has mobile support and also allows the use of other clients using pop or imap if you need to use desktop software for synching etc.

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There is

try google "mail server with web client" or similar

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Thanks for the links. The management wishes to have their employees using their "branded" e-mail! So, using any free services are ruled out. –  indyfromoz Nov 27 '08 at 10:13
I added a few more... –  inspite Nov 27 '08 at 10:15

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