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I want to test certain underlying services using PowerMock, but it is complicated.

I would like to get your suggestion

public interface Service{
  public void someMethod(){
public ServiceClient implements Service {
public MyServiceClient {
 public Service getService(){
  return service;

I have written a ServiceUtil which uses MyServiceClient to call and gets the services.

public class ServiceUtil {
 private static service s = MyServiceClient.getService();
 public void updateService(){
  // do some thing with service

Now I want to test ServiceUtil method - updateService. How do I do it?

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What you probably want is to inject a mock version of the service. This can be done like this:

service mockService = Mockito.mock(service.class);
Whitebox.setInternalState(serviceutil.class, mockService);

You can read more about bypassing encapsulation here: http://code.google.com/p/powermock/wiki/BypassEncapsulation

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