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This article about php form security:


... mentions a "spinner" as:

The spinner is a hidden field used for a few things: it hashes together a number of values that prevent tampering and replays, and is used to obscure field names. The spinner is an MD5 hash of:

* The timestamp,
* The client's IP address,
* The entry id of the blog entry being commented on, and
* A secret.

The field names on the form are all randomized. They are hashes of the real field name, the spinner, and a secret. The spinner gets a fixed field name, but all other fields on the form, including the submission buttons, use hashed field names.

Does anyone have a code sample of how to implement this on a php page containing a form and the associated php form submission script?

I don't want to use AJAX, just PHP.

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This is security though obscurity and it will not stop all spiders. For instance this will not fool NTOSpider. – rook Jul 13 '10 at 16:14
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You could implement the following:

  On Page Submit:
    $spinnerKey = 'spin';
    $spinner = $_POST[$spinnerKey];
    $values = array();

    foreach ($_POST as $key=>$value)
      if ($key !== $spinnerKey)
        $values[deHash($key, $spinner)] = $value;

A 'deHash' example:

    # You have to define deHash based on your hash but it 
    # would look something like this:
    var $_rainbowTable = array();
    var $_expectedKeys = array();

    function deHash($hashedkey, $spinner)
        $rt = $this->getRainbowTable($spinner);

        return isset($rt[$hashedKey])
          ? $rt[$hashedKey])
          : NULL;

    function getRainbowTable($spinner)
        if (count($this->_rainbowTable) > 0)
            return $this->_rainbowTable;

        foreach ($this->_expectedKeys as $key)
            $this->_rainbowTable[hash($key, $spinner)] == $key;

        return $this->_rainbowTable;

Ultimately though I don't see how this stops bots submitting your page - it just stops people's "email/user/pass" remember browser plugin from working.

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You're missing the point of "hash function" if you refer to reversing one. I think you mean encryption / decryption. – Slartibartfast Jul 13 '10 at 5:00
I'm using reversible in the same sense you are when you say the key can be worked out from the hash function. deHash would use a rainbow table generated from the hash of your spinner and the expected field names and then use your hashedkey as a lookup in that table to return the actual key, or a null otherwise. – Matt Mitchell Jul 13 '10 at 5:16
See my updated example. I corrected the terminology because I got the impression you meant encyrption/decryption since you talked about reversing. – Matt Mitchell Jul 13 '10 at 5:21

What if at page load create sessions with random values. For example $_SESSION['name_for_email'] = 'something_random';

Then input field

<input type="text" 
name="<?php echo htmlspecialchars( $_SESSION['name_for_email'], ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8");?>"

Seems better to use ajax. Visitor clicks Send, pass all data to external php, in the external php call $_SESSION['name_for_email'], so can know email field name.

If without ajax, then post and page reloads, but at top of page new $_SESSION['name_for_email'] created. So php code to process input form must be before define $_SESSION['name_for_email']

If many input fields, then must use many sessions. May be better some simplified version.

$_SESSION['name_for_email'] = 'something_random';

<input type="text" 
name="field1<?php echo htmlspecialchars( $_SESSION['name_for_email'], ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8");?>"

Just need to remember, that field1 is for email, field2 for name and so on.

But ... thinking again. The main question is that bot either would not have $_SESSION['name_for_email'] or for bot the value would be incorrect. Ok, bot "sees" email, "types" email.

If define some hidden field with $_SESSION['name_for_email'] and before processing input check if $_SESSION['name_for_email'] is the same as in the hidden input field, i suppose would be the same effect. Because, if bot would know correct random value, then input field names also would be correct.

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