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There is Microsoft names of assemblies guideline but personally I don't like lengthy names in solution tree. When there are dozen of lengthy names it's hard to pick the project you want.

Do you keep project name same as assembly name or short it somehow?

For example if there is MyCompany.MyProject.Dal.dll assembly maybe it's more useful to name project simply Dal (but make it compilable into MyCompany.MyProject.Dal.dll) ?

Thank you in advance!

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The project name (in common with the solution name) doesn't really matter to the output, as long as the project's "Assembly name:" and "Default namespace:" options are set correctly. So have fun, but I wouldn't take them too far from the namespace.

If your namespace is FooCorp.MegaProject.DAL.dll, then anyone with the project already knows they work for FooCorp, and they probably already have the project named on disk as MegaProject, so it probably isn't going to add much confusion to just have DAL.csproj, especially if this is in the path "...\FooCorp\MegaProject\DAL\DAL.csproj" or similar. I've certainly done this before (at my last job, where we had hundreds and hundreds of assemblies).

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