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Since my webhosting site blocks port 2195, which is required for communication with Apple's push notification server, our app push notifications are not working.

I've been looking all over for a solution: 1. Get a VPS (too expensive) 2. Use Urban Airship (push notification server)

Does anyone know, or have experience, developing some sort of proxy so I can have my php scripts go through a home server, which will then communicate with Apple's server?

Thanks for your help!

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signed up with Lunarpages. Support communication through 2195 –  BigMike Jul 17 '10 at 6:48

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Dreamhost VPS is just 15 bux. Cheap as heck if you ask me. I use it to send my notifications. Requires you to also have a shared account though, so really it comes out to a little more than 15.

I was on Lunarpages maybe 5 years ago or so and it went down A LOT. And they didn't let me run my own daemons unless I got a private server which was a lot there. I would've paid it if the service was better. Even if you don't think 15 is worth it for Dreamhost, their customer service is unlike anything I have experienced elsewhere. When you submit a ticket, they respond very quickly and I am very surprised how intelligent they are. They have always been able to fix my problems or answer my questions. Not just business hours either. I have submitted stuff at like 3 or 4 am and they respond within an hour or two sometimes.

Just some thoughts.

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