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I am searching in Wordnet for synonyms for a big list of words. The way I have it done it, when some word has more than one synonym, the results are returned in alphabetical order. What I need is to have them ordered by their probability of occurrence, and I would take just the top 1 synonym.

I have used the prolog wordnet database and Syns2Index to convert it into Lucene type index for querying synonyms. Is there a way to get them ordered by their probabilities in this way, or I should use another approach?

Speed not important, this synonym lookup will not be done online.

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This is very specific. I've found this: lucene.apache.org/java/2_0_0/api/org/apache/lucene/wordnet/… But probably you are already aware of this. – Baltasarq Jul 13 '10 at 7:46
@Baltarsarq : thanx, yes, i have used this to convert WordNet prolog database into the lucene synonim index – Julia Jul 14 '10 at 5:39

In case someone stumbles upon this thread, this was the way to go(at least what i needed):


tagCount method gives the most likely synset group for every word. The problem again is that synset with highes probability again can have several words. But i guess theres no chance to avoid this

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I think that you should do another step (provided that speed is not important).

From the Lucene index, you should build another dictionary in which each word is mapped to a small object that contains the only synonym that its meaning has higher probability of appearance, its meaning, and probability of appearance. I.e., given this code:

class Synonym {
    String name;
    double probability;
    String meaning;

Map<String, Synonym> m = new HashMap<String, Synonym>();

... you just have to fill it from the Lucene index.

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I understand the idea, like you said before, what I need is seems specific: I know that the querying online wordnet returns the synonims by their probability, but I do not understand how is this probability information stored inside this prolog database (which i converted into index with Syns2Index you have linked before) How to retrieve that probability(and is it there?) information and map it inside eg class you proposed?? Thanx!! – Julia Jul 14 '10 at 5:46
Have you browsed this doc? wordnet.princeton.edu/wordnet/man/wnsearch.3WN.html – Baltasarq Jul 14 '10 at 11:07
in case you will need it one day : lyle.smu.edu/~tspell/jaws/doc/edu/smu/tspell/wordnet/impl/file/… – Julia Jul 27 '10 at 21:02

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