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two models Site and Language share a many-to-many relationship (they are bi-directional) How do I add a relationship between them?

Ideally I want to do this : (add an existing language to a new Site)

$site = new Site();
$site->name = "Google"
$site->url = "www.google.com";

---- code to add language----


Or should I only add the language after calling save() and if so how is that done?

Thanks in advance

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Found the problem : The primary key of the association table is not set to "Auto-Increment"

this code works

$site = new Site();
$site->name = "Google";
$site->url = "www.google.com";
// now add languages
$langIds = array(1, 2,3);
foreach ($langIds as $id) {
    $site->SiteLanguage[]->languageId = $id;

// now call save --- this creates a new site along with associations
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