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I know that each file has metadata like title, subject, keywords and comments:

enter image description here

but what if i need custom metadata like tags for example

is it possible to do it with C#?

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I know that each file has metadata like title, subject, keywords and comments

That is not true. Most file types do not have a 'standard' form of metadata.

In particular, PDF files don't have properties that Windows Explorer recognizes.

Metadata (file attributes) is not a function of the files-system. Office files uses a structured format that allows for attributes.

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This will depend on whether the file type you are working with supports this. For example this will not be possible with a text file.

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i need it for office files (doc, xls, ppt...) and PDFs – Sasha Jul 13 '10 at 8:13
@Darin, is there any way to attach custom metadata to ANY file? I don't mind if it will only be readable by my program, or if I can teach Windows Explorer about it – Shimmy May 6 '15 at 8:11

If using NTFS you can store whatever you like in an Alternate data stream

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