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I've found an interesting article about Lucene and geosearching:


Is there an equivilant .NET implementation out there that I have been unable to find or do I have to rework the Java-code in his example to fit in the .NET Framework?

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How did you get on with geosearching using Lucene.net? I'm after the same requirement myself. – Peter Bridger Aug 15 '11 at 9:02

I came across this article, as well. I do not see a .NET-specific in my Googling, so I am planning on probably porting this code when the need arises, as well. Right now, I am just getting my feet wet with Lucene.NET and have not gotten to the point that I am comfortable enough with it to start extending it, yet.

The code in the article appears to be a derived example of the conceptual geo-distance functionality outlined in Lucene In Action. Although the book is based on the Java product, it is a great read. The samples port easily and it is full of information.

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in the latest lucene.net contrib folder there is spatial contribution to perform geosearch see


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With Lucene.NET 3.0.3, soon to be released, there is a brand new spatial contrib. See:


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