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I want to model a heart shape in 3D with as less code needed as possible and without using external model files.

In 2D, I can use some bezier curves to draw a heart shape, and I could extrude this to get a simple 3D heart shape, but this doesn't look like the shape I want. The bottom of the heart should be a peak, the upper part should be two rounded parts (well, I guess you know what I mean).

So, is there an easy way to model such a shape in 3D (i.e. a simple formula or a small code snippet)?

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There are many 3D interpretations of the "standard" 2D heart. A direct projection produces a "flat" 3D heart similar to valentine candy boxes. You can have two pseudo-hemisphere lobes at the top, or one with a dimple (like the top of an apple). Be more specific, please. –  Sparr Nov 27 '08 at 21:06

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This page at MathWorld had some nice material. Although mostly in 2D it did show a couple of 3D shapes too. It has a link to this page, which seems very promising.

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Which, in turn, has a reference to jalape.no/math/hearttxt containing a povray model for a heart –  Vinko Vrsalovic Nov 27 '08 at 12:22

I think your direction is good.

Model a 2D heard and extrude it to the maximal width you want. You can now apply additional transformation that will scale the width differently along the height. You can do that using a Bezier curve to form the desired scale for each location along the height.

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Another good approach for this, thanks. –  schnaader Feb 15 '09 at 9:18

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