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It says there are basically two types 1) Value type and reference type. all value types are dereived from system.valuetype

  1. Is there any thing like system.referencetype , because every CTS hierarchy i have seen shows two types below system.objects , a Valuetype and a Referencetype. My understanding is all types that are derieved from system.objects except system.valuetype are reference. Is this correct ?

  2. And where does interface type fits in the hierarchy . Some diagrams it is show independently but in some it comes under the reference type .

  3. From where can I get the actual CTS hierachy diagram ?

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Both reference and value types are derived from the ultimate base class Object. Interfaces are reference types. this one is goor reference to CTS http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms173104.aspx

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