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What happens in TIBCO when Message.acknowledge() is invoked in a session with AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode?

I mean is this call ignored on client-side? or server-side? or does server perform any action on this call?

The reason I ask is that there is an application which acks messasges in an auto acknowledge session. And a during highload period the method execution time is increased from 0.5 ms to 30 ms.

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According to Java Message Service, Second Edition

The acknowledge() method should only be used with the CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE mode; if used with the AUTO_ACKNOWL EDGE or DUPS_OK_ACKNOWLEDGE mode, the call is ignored by the JMS provider.

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is this call ignored by client lib or by server? –  Vladimir Zhilyaev Aug 17 '10 at 8:55
@zhilyaev Sorry. I am not sure. Because usually JMS provider means client lib + server. –  Sujee Aug 17 '10 at 10:24

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