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I am a long time vim user and have heard great things about TextMate when working in the scope of Ruby + Rails projects. Things like factoring out code to partials, navigation between code blocks are apparently a breeze.

What are some must known bundles/tips/best practices when converting to TextMate specifically for building either pure Ruby or Ruby on Rails projects?

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Interestingly a lot of Rails developers are going the other way, from TextMate to (Mac)Vim. – John Topley Jul 13 '10 at 14:00
All the cool thinks you listed for TextMate, Vim can do too. Do some search for ruby/rails vim plugins. – robertokl Jul 13 '10 at 15:16
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I went the other way - from TextMate to MacVim - but found this book to be a huge boon when initially learning TextMate. It's by James Edward Gray II, who's very active in the Ruby community, so there are a lot of Ruby-specific tips and tricks.

One bundle I would recommend immediately installing is ackMate, as I found TM's search tools to be extremely slow when looking through multiple files (which is one of the reasons I switched to (Mac)Vim).

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I wrote a guide for learning VIM with a column explaining how to do each command in VIM and another column for its equivalent in Textmate. It was intended as a Textmate to VIM tutorial, but works equally the other way around. It's written with Rails in mind.

Textmate to Vim

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