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I downloaded Android SDK components from

Now my question is how to install these components? I am using Eclipse and the AVD plugin for Eclipse is installed.

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Already asked question -… –  Quakeboy Dec 6 '10 at 7:29

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since you downloaded the components already, you also need to download the "core" sdk from the android dev site.

extract that to your desired location, then extract the "platform tools" to the platforms directory in the "core", extract the "sdk tools" to the "tools" directory in the "core".

your android sdk directory should look something like this:

  • android-sdk-windows
    • tools
      • lib
      • adb.exe
      • emulator.exe
      • ddms.bat
    • platforms
      • android-8
        • tools
          • aapt.exe
      • android-7
        • tools
          • aapt.exe
    • SDK Setup.exe
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Thanks Ryan. Now i am going to do that. –  Waseem Jul 13 '10 at 14:57

I would recommend downloading the components through SDK Manager. If you're having problems doing so, turn 'https' off in the settings and also configure the proxy details if the machine is behind a proxy.

If you still need to download the SDK packages offline, Open SDK manager and note down the URL printed in the logs.

It will be something like this,

Fetching URL:
Validate XML:
Parse XML:

Open this URL ( in the browser and look for "". Jump to the version you want to download and make a note of the appropriate ZIP file you want for your machine. Download the ZIP file by appending the name to "".

E.g., If you want to download ICS 4.0.3, the ZIP file name is and the URL would be

Done! Hope that helps.

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Don't download components directly from that URL.

Instead you should install the SDK components with the Android SDK and AVD Manager as shown on the Android Developers site.

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Yes you are right but the problem is that my internet connection creates problems. Every time i try to install with AVD it crashes. thats why i want to install these components offline. –  Waseem Jul 13 '10 at 14:25

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