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This question comes to you from someone who's been burned by SVN before and am henceforward afraid of it. So I have a little problem because I was stupid when I was working on my SVN repo. I was developing a project, let's say containing one file, that I just released as a first minor version. So my svn repo looked like this:

--> (v1)

Notice, that I did not create the usual trunk, branch, and tags folders as I should've. Now, I need to, but the problem is that I have since edited the file! Is there a way I can go from this:

Hard drive:
--> (v2)

SVN repo:
--> (v1)

to this:

Hard drive and SVN repo:
--> trunk/
    --> (v2)
--> tags/
    --> v1/
        --> (v1)
--> branch/

Thanks for any/all help!

PS Please note that "Switch to git!" is not an acceptable answer :)

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You can use svn move and copy commands. They can work with URLs, which means that you can do changes on server-side.

You could copy or move (v1) to tags/v1/ using URL->URL method.

svn move --parents http://svn/project/ http://svn/project/tags/v1/

Then you can copy (v2) to trunk/ using WC->URL method.

svn copy --parents  http://svn/project/trunk/

Since you don't have the directories trunk and tags, you may use --parents parameter, it will create the directories missing in the path.

See svn help copy and svn help move for more info about these commands

P.S. Just in case make a backup of your working copy.

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