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My client has several parked domains. She wants those domains to point to specific pages in her main site. For example:

Let's pretend she has a page on her main site about bedroom redecorating. That page is located at www.mainsite.com/bedrooms/

And let's say she has a parked domain called www.999bedrooms.com/

She wants to redirect that domain to www.mainsite.com/bedrooms/

What's the best way to do this without being penalized by the search engines?

Also, keep in mind that www.mainsite.com/bedrooms is actually a WordPress page, so it's not an actual file on the server, per se.


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There are (at least) two ways to do this. One way requires access to some sort of configuration on the server, and the other doesn't. I don't know if you're using the Apache web server, but if you are, you would add mod_alias to your configuration and restart Apache:

a2enmod alias
apache2ctl graceful

Then add this to the VirtualHost section for 999bedrooms.com:

Redirect permanent / http://www.mainsite.com/bedrooms

Then you should be done.

The other way is in an HTML file that you put at http://999bedrooms.com/index.html, put a line like this within the HEAD section:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; url=http://www.mainsite.com/bedrooms">

This is one of those "Please wait while we redirect you to our main page" sorts of redirections that you see sometimes. Not as nice as the server-based ones, but easier to do.

Hope this helps!

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Well there are a couple way. Most likely your web host supports the redirection for you using a 301 Redirect HTTP response. Check out your web host and see if they offer a directory redirection (I know that fastdomain which is my hosting provider does).

Alternatively, if you hosting provide supports PHP you can use the following and place it in a file called index.php in the top level of the domain you wish to redirect.

header("Location: http://www.mainsite.com/bedrooms/");


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Simply add this line to your header.php file:

<script language="JavaScript">document.location.href = "http://www.mainsite.com/bedrooms";</script>
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