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I'm currently working on an MS Excel worksheet which contains 1277 checkboxes, spread over 96 rows. In this sheet, there is a column in which the total of the checked checkboxes is placed. The idea is that when a checkbox is ticked, the total sum in this control column is added by one.

The code for this works fine, because I used the same code on different files with fewer checkboxes. However, when I tick a checkbox in this file with 1277 boxes, nothing happens with the control column.

Is there a limit to the total amount of objects that is allowed in a single file? Or worksheet?

And does anyone know a bypass for this one? I could split up the file in several separate ones, but I'd much rather keep everything in the same document.

Many thanks in advance!!!

Kind regards,


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There are many excel limitations but usually the numbers are really high.

This may help you: Seems the solution may be to create a new worksheet and see if it works there.

Also, are you getting any error message?

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It seems indeed that the number of checkboxes can't be causing the problem. However, the code does not work. I do not get any error message. Thanks for the links! – Marc Jul 16 '10 at 6:09

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