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I have a function which takes a callback function. How can I set the 'this' variable of the callback function?


    //do some stuff
    fn(); //call fn, but the 'this' var is set to window
    //, how do I set it to something else
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you can execute a function in the context of an object using call: obj, 'param' )

There's also apply

Only difference is the syntax for feeding arguments.

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thanks! worked perfectly! – Kyle Jul 13 '10 at 16:07, arg1, ..., argN);


funct.apply(objThatWillBeThis, arrayOfArgs);
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You can use either .call() or .apply(). Depending on your requirement. Here is an article about them.

Basically you want:

    //do some stuff whateverToSetThisTo ); //call fn, 

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You can use either apply() or call().

Either allows you to execute a function with your choice of what this is inside the function. Apply takes the arguments for the function as an array, while call allows you to specify them individually.

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