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I have run into a strange problem in mobile Safari on my (iOS 4) iPod touch. The minimum body HTML to demonstrate this problem is:

    <a href="" onclick="event.preventDefault()">Click</a>
<p id="anchor">

When the page is loaded with no # fragment in the URL, clicking the link executes the onclick javascript, which suppresses the action of the link, and (as expected) nothing happens.

However, if the page is loaded with a valid URL fragment, #anchor in the above example, then clicking on the link causes the page to jump to the paragraph with id 'anchor' (like when the page was initially loaded).

I cannot find a way round this; any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I should add that the same behavior is observed if return false is used in the onclick, and regardless of the URL in the href. –  Dave Wilding Jul 13 '10 at 17:28

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It's because href="" (not correct) is the same as href="." (correct) which is the same thing than putting the current url in the href.

If you were just trying to make a button, you could use a <span> with some CSS like cursor: pointer and such things.

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