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My login form on front page is displayed, but when it posts to other pages, the post does not happen. THe problem is that the url is like: http://sitename/users/action which is a 404 not found url. But when i hard code the path to controller, (that is, stop using base_url + "/users/action" and use base_url + "/system/application/controllers/users/action") it starts working. How can i fix this problem?

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Are you using .htaccess to hide index.php? If so, you need to take that into account with your routing. If not, you need to include it. e.g. if you're not hiding it, try:


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my .htaccess was in the wrong folder. your mentioning of it made me look for it again. Thanks! –  umar Jul 14 '10 at 10:31

You can also try your config/config.php folder and fix your $config['base_url']...hope that helps.

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i had the .htaccess file in the wrong folder, inside the system/application/config/ folder, instead of the root folder. after i pasted the file in the root folder, the problem was solved.

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