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Is there an easy way to use the Twitter API to have my twitter feed on a separate blog page? I tried using the basic twitter widget, with different width & height, but the font sizes are frankly quite small and it doesn't let you edit any of it.

After a bit more searching, I haven't been any closer to finding a solution. Is there an easy process to accomplish this?

I'm using Wordpress as well, so a Wordpress plugin solution would work just as well.

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I just used Twitter-Tools ( ) to integrate my wordpress site with Twitter. I'm only using the portion that tweets my new blog posts, but I think it claims to do what you want.

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I also use Twitter-Tools but only to show my tweets on my blog. – brainimus Jul 13 '10 at 19:18

I used the following solution with WordPress, it allowed me to customize the look and feel, might be helpful to you.

Integrate Twitter Into Your Web Site Using PHP

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