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So, what happened to the DOM level 1?

For example, there are DOM level 0 events like this

window.onload = func;
element.onclick = func;

and there is DOM level 2 (and now even level 3) events

element.addEventListener("click", func, false);

However, there is no mention anywhere about DOM level 1 events? Was it like with Lesuire suit Larry 4 that got lost before it was ever released or was the nr 1 just skipped or didn't the level 1 include anything related to the events?

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DOM Level 0 isn't an actual spec, DOM Level 0 is just what we call DOM/JS features before the DOM was released. The W3C released DOM Level 1 in 1998. Prior to that there was no DOM spec.

There was no events model in DOM Level 1, it was released in DOM Level 2.

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Ok, thanks - if Level 0 was not an actual spec, then it makes things a lot clearer –  Andris Jul 13 '10 at 17:51

Document Object Model (HTML) Level 1

The Level 1 document does not include mechanisms to access and modify style specified through CSS-1. Furthermore, it will not define an event model for HTML documents. This functionality will be specified in a future Level of this specification. The events that are supported in Level 0 are given in the DOM Level 1 HTML ECMAScript binding for completeness; the method of defining and handling events is expected to change.

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Thanks for the reference –  Andris Jul 13 '10 at 17:52

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