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I was going through cappuccino. I did not find any details about the data(model) layer. The same exists in Sproutcore. Am I missing something?

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The title of this one is miss leading. I proposed a change because otherwise it looks like a duplicate of SproutCore vs. Cappuccino although this one explicitly asks about details for the data layer. –  Steffen Jun 6 '11 at 7:17

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In SproutCore the model layer provides full object-relational mapping and manages things like storage, state, querying and back-end retrieval of the data. Cappuccino does not provide a model layer in the same sense, so from what I've seen (e.g. http://github.com/suitmymind/cappuccinocasts-episodes/tree/master/009) you would instead directly send requests to your back-end and then load the results into objects and handle state, querying, etc. yourself.

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Like bruz says, Cappuccino is probably more freeform at the data layer than SproutCore. That said, you could plug in Nicholas Small's CPActiveRecord or Raphael Bartolome's Core Data Cappuccino to get a more automated model experience which also manages server connectivity in various ways.

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