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I am unable to send a signal updating a progress dialog from a QThread. I set up the thing like this (from within the MainWindow class):

self.progressDialog = QtGui.QProgressDialog("Packing ...", QtCore.QString(), 0,100, self.parent_)
self.thread = QtCore.QThread(parent = self.parent_) = myRun
self.thread.QtCore.connect(self.thread, QtCore.SIGNAL("updateProgress"), self.progressDialog, QtCore.SLOT("setProgress(int progress, int totalSteps)"))

then, from within the myRun function, I try to emit the signal:


But the progress dialog just does not update :(.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! Nathan

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I would do something so:

self.connect(self.thread, QtCore.SIGNAL("progressUpdated"), self.updateProgress)

and then a method (slot) in the mainwindow:

  def updateProgress(self, progress):

self or self.ui depends if u have subclassed the mainWindow and then launched setupUi


seems correct to me

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