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I'm having problems simply configuring the server for CruiseControl.NET. I am using the source block that is given by ThoughtWorks to set it up, but I cannot seem to get it to be error-free. I am pretty new to all this and some sort of direction would be fantastic.

  1. Does anyone use this combination?
  2. Do you have a ccnet.config file I can look at?

This is what does not work for me:

  <project name="test">
      <sourcecontrol type="clearCase">
        <exec>batch file</exec>

Thank you.

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I have no direct experience with this kind of setup, but if you are using the <projectVobName> tag, that means:

  • you are declaring a pvob (project vob used only in UCM to store project, stream, activities and components, all UCM data)
  • your view (with the root directory referenced in <viewPath>) must be an UCM view.

All the other path elements (like 'executable') should reference an absolute path (and not just "cleartool.exe")

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