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I am new in this field and am trying to do a drag and drop from scatterview to librarystack, and when drop is executed, an event should be triggered ( after an image is dropped in the librarystack, a message box will be shown). However, I can not find the way to do it..

Below is the code snippets

    <!-- Drop 1.jpg to librarystack-->
    <s:ScatterView AllowDrop="True">
        <Image Source="C:\1.jpg"/>
    <!--Librarystack get the 1.jpg and trigger an event-->
    <s:LibraryStack x:Name="myLibraryStack" Drop="myLibraryStack_Drop" Margin="376,0,389,0" Background="Transparent" Height="162" VerticalAlignment="Top" AllowDrop="True">


public SurfaceWindow1()
    SurfaceDragDrop.AddDropHandler(myLibraryStack, OnPreviewDrop); 
private void myLibraryStack_Drop(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)

Would appreciate for any guidance

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Hey, I think that the LibraryStack has to be inside the Scatterview to receive the drop. But I'm not sure. I had the problem myself once and this solved it, if I remember correctly.

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