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I'm using a 3rd party service to process images and they provide a handy jQuery plugin. The plugin can output feedback on the upload transfer, and I would like to display this as a nice jQuery progress bar from the jQuery UI.

Here is the example they give, which currently just shows the transfer status as text:

  modal: false,
  onProgress: function(bytesReceived, bytesExpected) {
    // render your own progress bar!
      .text((bytesReceived / bytesExpected * 100).toFixed(2)+'%');
  onError: function(assembly) {
    alert(assembly.error+': '+assembly.message);
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In order to update the Progess Bar value, use this:

$("#progress").progressbar("value", ((bytesReceived / bytesExpected) * 100));

For more info see the docs.

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$('#progress').progressbar("option", "value", bytesReceived / bytesExpected * 100);
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