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im gonna install a drupal multisite behavior: common codebase and one database per site.

The idea is to keep the modules that are used by all the sites in the /sites/all/modules/ folder, and the themes and modules used just by one sites in it /sites/ folders.

I've read the 10 minutes multisite configuration and all went well with the first try, but now i have some question.

When some of the 'common' modules will be update, i have just to update the /sites/all/modules/modulename folder, that's ok, but what to do when the module's update need to update the database too?

I have to login and run the update.php for each site, or there is an automated procedure, in order to update all the databases of the sites that are using that module?

I guess that updating the module's scripts but leaving the module's db table untouched will cause some problem.

And how to put all sites in 'off-line' mode while im updating the modules?

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The newest version of Drush will run update.php against the site you specify from the command line.

Install Drush and run drush --help to see some of its magic.

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OMG that's great! i'll give it a look deeper – Strae Jul 13 '10 at 21:06
+1 fur mentioning drush – DrColossos Jul 14 '10 at 7:34

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