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The iPad and iPhone4 both are armv7 (not 6), and I'm curious to know how to specify two separate icon sizes given that the target architecture is exactly the same. Specifying two in a typical universal app is simple, however I'm not sure how to do this. I can't find it in the documentation, although it may be! (Sorry if it is; and I'm sorry if this was asked before!)



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Here is a better more detailed link.

Application Icons

When specifying icon files using the CFBundleIconFiles key, it is best to omit the filename extensions of your image files. If you include a filename extension, you must explicitly add all of your image files (including any high-resolution variants) to the array. When you omit the filename extension, the system automatically detects high-resolution variants of your file using the base filename you provide.

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In order to specify two different sizes for the iPhone4 and iPad, refer to iTunesConnect Developer Guide. It lists the image sizes you need in order to do so (both should be included in your binary).

What you're looking for is under the Requirements section beginning on page 6.

Hope this helps...

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