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I'm having trouble with groovy server pages (gsp) where utf-8 chars are not showing propertly, and instead displaying as "?". This occurs inside grails tags like "${}".


<p>Não</p>  --> output browser: Não - OK

<g:link title="Avaliação Relatório"....> output browser: Avaliaç?o Relat?rio

${value? "Sim" : "Não"}  output browser: N?o

The gsp already are in UTF-8. My grails version is 1.2 M3 and in localhost the chars are showing ok, but in server (tomcat) they are not.

Thinking that was version problem, I upgraded to 1.3.3 and the problem still happens, but now on localhost too.

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I don't have a definitive solution for you, but I'm suspecting you should have a look here. I had problems with Swedish characters not showing in ${}, but that was because I had set...

grails.views.default.codec = 'html'

...which didn't work in my Javascript. That config or...


...might give you the clue you need. Hope you find it!

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