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I have some embedded QComboBox in a QTableView. To make them show by default I made those indexes "persistent editor". But now every time I do a mouse scroll on top them they break my current table selection.

So basically how can I disable mouse scrolling of QComboBox?

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You should be able to disable mouse wheel scroll by installing eventFilter on your QComboBox and ignore the events generated by mouse wheel, or subclass QComboBox and redefine wheelEvent to do nothing.

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I also changed the combobox's focus policy to click. This helped too. Thanks! – Alberto Toglia Jul 15 '10 at 15:22

The same can happen to you in a QSpinBox or QDoubleSpinBox. On QSpinBox inside a QScrollArea: How to prevent Spin Box from stealing focus when scrolling? you can find a really good and well explained solution to the problem with code snippets.

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