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Say I have a stored procedure that returns dataSet from 2 different tables. Example:

SELECT Customers.FirstName, Customers.LastName, SUM(Sales.SaleAmount) AS SalesPerCustomer
FROM Customers LEFT JOIN Sales
ON Customers.CustomerID = Sales.CustomerID
GROUP BY Customers.FirstName, Customers.LastName 

Is there any way to get a strongly typed list as a result from this stored procedure ? Something like this:

StoredProcedure sp = myDevDB.GetCustomerSales();

List<MyCustomType> resultSet = sp.ExecuteTypedList<MyCustomType>();

How and where do I define the MyCustomType class ? How do I map its properties to the actual table columns ?

Thanks, Zohrab.

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I just created a web page that does this. Try this:

    DataSet ds = new DataSet();
    SqlDataAdapter adtp = new SqlDataAdapter(command);
    StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();

    b.AppendLine("class " + this.txtSP.Text + "_QueryResult");

    foreach ( DataColumn c in ds.Tables[0].Columns )
        b.AppendLine(string.Format("property {0} {1}  {{ get; set; }}", c.DataType, c.ColumnName));
    b.AppendLine("}" + Environment.NewLine);

    this.txtResult.Text = b.ToString();
catch { }
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