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I have to check the differences between two html pages: One is an old version and the other is the updated page.

I need Selenium to get the source of the two pages and then compare them to check the differences.

How can I achieve this using Java & Selenium?

Below is the flow I have:

  • Go to the old page using Selenium
  • Collect all the data for the old web page
  • Convert the data to a standard format (XML probably); create a class to do this
  • Save the data to a file
  • Go to the new page using Selenium
  • Collect all the data for the new web page
  • Convert the data to a standard format (XML probably); use the class you created to do this
  • Save the data to a file
  • Use a Java library to diff the two files

Can anyone give ideas/examples in how to implement this?

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were you able to implement this? Share the solution if possible. –  roger_that Sep 24 '13 at 16:29

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Use selenium.getHtmlSource() for each page and either compare the returned Strings in Java or save them to files and use a command line tool such as "diff".

If using Java, two methods I can think of are using something like StringUtils.difference() (almost certainly a mess) or better yet Google Diff. Google diff has a Java library and test example.

Of course the outputs of these will be a literal diff, you might want something more custom to make sense of changes in HTML.

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Thanks for your reply!

Yes i am using Java with selenium RC

I used the StringUtils.difference() method to get the difference between 2 URLs and saved it as a text file

Yes as you mentioned its only a literal diff

Maybe i have to play with Google Diff

Thanks for that information and help

String FirstPage = selenium.getHtmlSource(); 
String SecondPage = selenium.getHtmlSource();    
String Diff = StringUtils.difference(FirstPage,SecondPage);
System.out.println("The difference between first and second url is " +Diff);   
    File f = new File("C:/folder/" + "MSDSDiff" + ".txt");
    FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(f);
    System.out.println("Diff report is in Location : " + f.getAbsolutePath());
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