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If I have several Section elements in an XML document, what XQuery do I use to get a list of all the name values?

<Section name="New Clients" filePath="XNEWCUST.TXT" skipSection="False">
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In XPath 2.0 (which is a subset of XQuery) one would use the following expression to get a sequence of all string values of the "name" attributes of the "Section" elements:

for $attr in //Section/@name
 return string($attr)

Do note that using the "//" abbreviation is typically a bad practice as this may require a whole (subtree) to be traversed. In any case where the structure of the document is known a more specific XPath expression (such as one using specific location steps) should be preferred.

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Thanks, all I needed was a return concat(string($attr), "-") to delimit the values. –  ProfK Nov 27 '08 at 18:15



for the string values

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This will select the "name" attribute node of the only top element of the XML document, if the top element happens to be a "Section" element. What the OP wanted is the sequence of the string values of the "name" attributes of all "Section" elements in the XML document. –  Dimitre Novatchev Nov 27 '08 at 17:48

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