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I want to use EGit in a small eclipse project with my colleagues, but we don't want to Submit the project to the What I should do with the next picture ? The ip address is and the project is in D:\EclipseProjects\ForwardA.git.

How I should fill the URI,Host,Repository Path ?

Is the Authentiacation for the computer or git ?

alt text

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You don't want to clone a remote repository if you're starting a brand new repository. – Brandon Yarbrough Jul 14 '10 at 2:31

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Yes, you can! Github is a common centralized repository that git enthusiasts use frequently, but it's by no means required to use git. You can even use git on a computer that has no Internet access whatsoever.

You have many options for setting up your git repository, but you probably want to pick a Unixy server that all of your colleagues have access to. From there, you have a few setup options, but the easiest way is to just pick a directory that they all have access to and stick a headless git repository at.

Here's a good resource on the subject:

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How I should fill the URI,Host,Repository Path ? Is the Authentiacation for the computer or git ? – Keating Wang Jul 14 '10 at 3:15
It depends on how you set up your git repo, but the authentication is for the computer. It sounds like you really need to read a tutorial on the subject. It'll be way easier than figuring it out on your own. – Brandon Yarbrough Jul 14 '10 at 6:11

You most definitely can, I'm not sure if you already have a git server set up with your friend.
If not you can follow this very handy tutorial I myself used:
Setting up a Msysgit Server with copSSH on Windows.

If you do have a server you will need:

  • the IP address of the computer the repository is on,
  • its path relative to the computer,
  • the SSH(or whatever protocol you use) port number and
  • the authentication.

The auth field should be the user on the Git server that has access to the git repo, I set it to admin in my example but I'm guessing anyone that has R/W access to the folder can manipulate it.

I'm going to throw a wild guess as to how to complete this form:

alt text

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Image is here: – Tristan Dube Jul 14 '10 at 4:05

Gitblit is an open-source, integrated, pure Java Git server, viewer, and repository manager for small workgroups. It works well on Windows and includes tools to run as a Windows service.

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