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I have java application that is crashing while in production. It doesn't do so in dev/QA. The jvm is creating a .mdmp file and a text file. How do I analyze the binary dump file? I googled but had no luck. We are using bea jrockit jvm 1.5 R27.

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The .mdmp file is a Windows MiniDump file that you can only read with a debugger (like WinDbg). Typically you need the sources of the crashed application to really get some information out of the dump. So in your case you can't do much but contacting JRockit support.

Here a link to the Orace JRockit information about JVM crahes.

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I have found (Tool for analyzing java core dump) stackoverflow.com/questions/951095/…. Does it mean it is still possbile to open mdmp files on our own? –  Greenhand Apr 16 '14 at 13:12

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