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Can anyone please clear my doubt regarding the query that does Android Programming has anything to do with the J2ME?

Does Android Development comes under J2ME Platform as J2ME is used basically for the Mobile Applications and Android is also the same one.

Please let me know if anybody is knowing it.

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Android has nothing to do with J2ME beyond using the core Java language. In fact, the standard library is more reminiscent of Java SE.

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in both same language will used which is JAVA.

but j2me is made for small devices which is run on kJVM .,

Android is basically made for smart devices.,

using j2me we can developed Third party app .,but Android is the native app which is fully supported by Android OS.

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Like Yann mentioned , j2me is not Android and vice versa, however they use the same language with different VMS. Google basically created their own JVM called DAVLIk which got Sun to sue Google because google used their technology without their approval.

There are however some J2ME to Android wrappers. LWUIT currently has such a wrapper.

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