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I have been working on a google app engine project for a little while. I now have two Indexes that show status ERROR, and I think this is causing me to have other issues within my program. How do you remove these indexes? I have tried changing my datastore-indexes-auto.xml file but nothing has worked at removing these indexes.


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Java has its own (See

Basically, you need to remove the bad indexes from your datastore-indexes.xml file and run the following command:

./appengine-java-sdk/bin/ vacuum_indexes myapp/war

Everything I saw until I found the above documentation said you had to do it via Python. I kept looking because that seemed bad to have to use Python when you're developing in a Java environment.


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So the only way to remove index errors while using google app engine (java) is to download the python environment, download the python sdk for google app engine, make a project with the same name as your java projet and then use the utility and change the indexes in question.

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