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Having a strange problem where a print occasionally is not being printed

The scenario is that we print barcode labels with a barcode printer (Zebra LP2844). Printer is plugged into the TerminalPC and then shared.

Printer->TerminalPC -> Terminal Server. Session on TerminalServer is using Printer as \TerminalPC\Printer

When logging print Events we see the following:

Print OK:
1) Print OK (Event 10, User myUser)
2) Print deleted (Event 13, User NT-AUTHORITY\SYSTEM)

Print not OK => only Event 2) appears in the event log

Anybody having a clue about what is happening here?

More information: This problems occurs about 2 out of 10 times. Only difference is an increasing ID being printed as part af the barcode. The barcode is the only object being printed. It saves to file (*.emf) every time - and looks fine on file. The application is developed using Delphi 2010 and works fine in all other ways.

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Are you using the same user login myUser for every access to the terminal server from within the Delphi app?. This link talks about EventID: 13 in windows. You may want to check the causes and see if there is some clue there. - microsoft.com/technet/support/ee/… – Nitin Unni Apr 18 '11 at 12:06

Print jobs are removed from the print spooler by the port monitor. The port monitor "EndDocPort" function calls "SetJob" with JOB_CONTROL_SENT_TO_PRINTER to indicate the the job has finished, and this removes it from the spooler.

If the printer uses a custom port monitor, the problem could be in the printer driver or custom port monitor. If it uses a standard port such as LPT or USB, it's more likely a problem with the application not calling "EndDoc" consistently, or not checking return codes from EndDoc.

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